So far this year’s attendance has not been where we expect it to be, mostly due to children going on holiday during term time. We will continue to fine parents who take children on holiday during term time.

Missing school time will be having a significant impact on your childs' learning. We will be contacting any pupils below 90% and monitoring their attendance, if we do not see improvement in attendance we will be reporting them across to local children’s services who will support them. 

We also have an issue with parents collecting children for appointments during school-time, many of these appointments are not even for the child. This is having a significant impact on the learning of some pupils. Please, wherever possible, can you arrange appointments for outside of school hours.  If you must collect your child during school time, please inform us in writing beforehand.  Could we also please remind you to contact school as early as possible if your child is going to be absent that day.