Attendance Matters!


Excellent attendance! Your child is able to access all of their learning, form friendships and get into good attendance habits. Children with excellent attendance are usually more settled in school and are able to enjoy all areas of school life. Children who have greater attendance are more likely to gain better qualifications and potentially earn more in the future.

95% and above

Very good attendance!  Nationally, all schools and children are expected to achieve 95% attendance. Children are able to access most of their learning and are still likely to achieve good qualifications when they are older.


At 90% attendance, research shows that missing 10% of school can result in children dropping a whole grade/level in achievement. 90% is equivalent to missing half a day of school each week and 4 weeks of school in an academic year.  So, 90% may not be as good as it first seems.


Any child with 85% and below is called a PERSISTENT ABSENTEE.  At this stage school will discuss your child’s attendance with the Education Social Welfare Officer.  This may result in them investigating why your child’s attendance is so low and a support plan could be put in place.

Term time Holidays

As a school we will not give permission for children to take time off school during term time except in exceptional circumstance. This is in line with Department for Education guidance


Please contact us by phone by 9:00am  (01947 602202) to let us know if your child is going to be absent from school for any reason. We will contact you if we don't hear from you.