Update December 2021

As you will be aware statutory assessment (SATs)  has not happened for the last two years due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. That is not to say we have not assessed our pupils and the standards.

We have reported our phonics results for the last two years and this has seen a significant impact due to our change in phonics teaching and approach

Year Phonics Score
2018/19 73%
2019/20 78%
2020/21 85%

Internal assessment (Children took previous SATs tests in test conditions and writing was moderated with a group of schools) showed that the pandemic had impacted most significantly on our pupils in writing this is a picture we have seen across school and therefore writing is a key part of our school development plan and the catch-up work we are doing. 

2020/21 internal Y6 assessment Achieving expected + Achieving Greater Depth Expected Progress from KS1 2020/21
Reading 75% 23% 94%
Writing  68% 5% 78%
Maths 79% 28% 97%


The link below will take you to the data for  2018/19

East Whitby Academy Performance Tables (link is external)


Subject 2018/19 Progress 18/19 Scaled score 18/19
Reading -1.9 (Average) 101
Writing  -1.3 (Average) N/A
Maths -1.4 (Average) 104