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East Whitby is very excited to have had the opportunity to create a provision for children with significant Communication and Interaction needs. This is one of the first provisions of its kind in North Yorkshire. This is also the first specialist provision of any kind in Whitby and the local area.

The aim of the space is to provide a inclusive bespoke education model for up to 8 children to enable them to meet their own academic and social potential. Each child will have a personalised timetable and educational program both within their mainstream class and the Pegasus classroom (C and I). This will be agreed with staff and parents and will depend on child's needs and adapt as the child develops.

Pegasus Class is an  inclusive  space specifically  designed and equipped to support children with a range of Communication needs. This can include children with a diagnosis of autism, speech and language difficulties or children who present  with challenges in their social interactions. The provision is needs led not diagnosis led. 

The class is taught by a specialist Communication and Interaction teacher, who works closely alongside the SENCo and the mainstream class teachers to create individual programs to reflect their EHCP outcomes and to address any barriers to their working within the mainstream class. Our vision is that children who have a place in the Pegasus Provision will be equally supported to be a fully-integrated members of their mainstream class and a part of our East Whitby family.

Pegasus Class is situated at the heart of the school and comprises of a main class space, an intervention area, a sensory room, a meeting room and a safe outdoor space that is accessible from the main school yard.

Pegasus can be accessed through the main school building or through its own outside door.

The space has a lead teacher and highly skilled support staff who provide distinct specific teaching within the space and support in the mainstream classes to ensure continuity and consistency of provision. All members of staff are highly skilled at working with children with a range of needs and classrooms are inclusive and adapted accordingly.

If Pegasus class and East Whitby sound like the right fit for your child please phone or email school to arrange a visit and discuss this further.

The Local Authority is responsible for allocating places within the Targeted Mainstream Provision (Pegasus Class). This would usually occur as part of the annual review cycle for a child already with an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) or as part of the EHCAR (Education Health Care Assessment Request) statutory process.

If you have any queries and questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.